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Benefits of Winning the Green Card Lottery Every year there is a Diversity Visa (DV) lottery program where one can get a permanent legal resident status in the US. Green card holders are eligible to enter, work, and live permanently in the united states. There are many different ways to get a green card. Among the many ways of getting a green card, there is the DV lottery program. 50,000 applicants are randomly selected every years in this lottery program. Those who wish to apply for the DV green card lottery program should pass the eligibility requirements which are simple but strict. The first criteria for eligibility is that you should be from a qualifying country, since not all countries are eligible. Country eligibility is the country of your birth and not the country of your residence. There are other eligibility criteria including having at least a high school education or its equivalent. There are some countries that are disqualified from joining the DV free green card lottery program. The countries that have a large number of immigrants that have moved to the US are the countries that are not eligible for this lottery program. If more than 50,000 persons in the family and employment based visa categories immigrated to the US in the last five years from a single country, this country will not qualify for the current year’s DV lottery.
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Government sponsored financial aid for education is available for green card holders, and they have the right to apply for it. You can enter a university or college and pay less tuition. This is known as ‘in state’ tuition or ‘resident’ tuition. Your tuition compared to a foreigner’s is three to four times lower. You can also work in any company in the US territory regardless of job function, hours per week, except for companies that hire US citizens only. You don’t need to have employer sponsorship. There are jobs that require security clearance that only green card holders and US citizens can get. Therefore if you have a green card, you will have more opportunities for employment.
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Another benefit of being a green card holder is that you can start your own business and create your own corporation. When you retire, you get Social Security benefits, if you worked for ten years before retiring. If you want your wife and your unmarried minor children under 21 to have a permanent status then it is possible for you to sponsor them. If you got green card for your family, it will be valid even if you lose your job, or if you pass away. Green card holders can enjoy most legal rights under US law but you are not give voting rights which are only for citizens of the United States. As a green card holder, you can apply for US citizenship later. Applying for US citizenship is not mandatory.

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