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The Basics of Landscaping and Its Design

An area is undergoing landscaping when its aesthetic appearance is being improved with the addition of ornamental fixtures, with the planting of plants and trees, and with the alteration of its contours.

Before you execute landscaping activities, you should have first the design of your landscape. With a bit of imagination and research, landscape design can be created by anybody who has the passion to create something beautiful and thus make an idea becomes a reality.

If a person likes to be a landscape designer, he or she just needs to be aware of what things will turn an ordinary backyard into a masterpiece as plants grown, as seasons change and how people will use the space being created. As a potential landscaper, your experiences will help you grow and will have an impact on your future landscape designs after trying out the different factors affecting the landscaping.
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If a person chooses to create a landscape, his or her priority should be doing it because of the love or passion to do it, and thus can create a space that is pleasing to the eyes, that is functional and that which will work for you and your space.
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There are landscaping elements that have to be considered when designing your landscape that could vary in every project, and these are the space, the level of the ground, the conditions of the site, the soil and things present now that you have to consider working around in your design.

Also as part of the initial preparation of your design, a map of the area would be helpful before you sit down and work on a rough plan for the space, adding fixtures present and work through it. Your plan may not be as fancy but at least make it easy for you to visualize and implement your ideas.

After finalizing your plan, you can consider organizing the materials and fixed features presently part of the place.

It is thus important to learn the landscaping principles because these are the guidelines that you can follow how to arrange and organize the features in creating your landscape, like order, repetition, proportion, and unity of the whole concept.

After taking into considerations the elements and principles of landscaping design, these basic foundation will help you go down to the writing of your ideas and thoughts of what you like to develop. If you are starting off in being a landscape designer, you need to be bold in applying your ideas and your want to create a design, and with some research, you are off to your landscaping venture.