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Crucial Safety Guide in Using Flea and Tick Products If you own a dog, you obviously have dealt with fleas and ticks a handful of times. These tiny yet very dangerous and dirty creatures will go the extra mile to crawl their way up to your dog and they need to in order to survive. Well, as much as it’s a fight for survival for them, you still can’t allow them to infest your pet buddy for the reason that they cause havoc in the form of skin infection, severe scratching, and even carry with them diseases that can be passed on to humans. First, you should acknowledge the fact that in defeating both ticks and fleas, you need to have knowledge about the products you can use and of course, know the perfect timing on using those same products for them to be effective. Also, the climate in your locality or area where you live is also a very important factor to consider. For instance, fleas attack and are at their worst during the summer or in warm climates. As for ticks, you expect them to increase in numbers during the spring as well as summer months. However, you do have to understand that they actually are present whatever the season is; it’s just that they choose to be active in certain seasons. Immediate Response
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In your hope of defeating fleas and ticks that threaten the health and safety of your pet dog, you need to value the importance of learning the signs. For without knowing the signs, you won’t be able to treat your pet buddy the soonest time possible. But then again, if you already see the signs and yet you do nothing about it, the infestation could easily and quickly get worse and you’ll end up having to face a bigger problem like serious skin infection and disease.
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Types of Prevention The nice thing about most flea treatments these days is that you get to choose products that also eliminate and prevent ticks and other pests. So far, the two most common variants are pills and spot-on treatments. Other varieties include sprays, collars, and shampoos. But before you make any decision on what flea product to use, it is advised that you first consult your veterinarian. The purpose is to make sure it won’t harm your dog in any way. The fact is it is important that you visit a vet if your dog is very old, still a puppy, or maybe pregnant or nursing young ones; the same holds true for a dog that’s taking other medications or is known to have allergic reactions to certain chemicals. Finally, it never is a good idea to use products intended for other animals to your dog. Doing so could lead to the death of your pet buddy. Always follow the instructions written in the product, especially on the amount that needs to be administered.

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